Titan Grills started with the goal to bring the very best premium gas grills packed with incredible features at rock-bottom, affordable prices to the residential gas grill market. Each grill head, grill island component and grill with cart combination produced by us showcases restaurant-quality power combined with the very best materials and high-end looks that are stylish. But unlike other grill brands that carry our high-end features, our grills are affordable. We offer the same materials and production techniques as other premium grill manufacturers, but at reduced prices! In fact, we guarantee you will not find another premium gas grill loaded with all of these high-end features at a lower price. It's just not possible. So bring Titan Grills to your next cookout! We promise you'll be satisfied with the appearance, cooking experience and the price!

3 Burner Grill and Cart

4 Burner Grill and Cart

5 Burner Grill and Cart

3 Burner Grill Head

4 Burner Grill Head

5 Burner Grill Head

Grills With Carts

Portable BBQ grills with carts for the backyard, front yard, porch or patio. They can be used with natural gas or propane and include converters. We currently have three grill and cart models to fit your cooking needs.

Built-In Grills

Gas grill heads for placement in grill islands and other outdoor kitchens. Great to use when creating a custom outdoor living area that features a cooking area. We currently have three built-in grill heads to fit your cooking needs.

Grill Components & Grill Accessories

Access doors, storage drawers, infrared sear burners, side burners, rotisserie kits and more. If you’re building a grill island or outdoor kitchen, we have all of the components and accessories you could ever need.